*NOTE: Please, In case you do not receive the order, one month after I sent to you your tracking number, please do not hesitate to contact me. If you don't contact me in a maximun of FOUR WEEKS I would only refund you the cost of the prints, and the cost of the shipping will not be refunded.

1. Changes are only possible during the next 24h since purchased.

1. Please make sure you write the address well, and provide all requested data. If you have made a mistake, contact me at: aliciarihko@gmail.com

In case your order has arrived cracked, or deteriorated, please provide an image, and contact me through this email: aliciarihko@gmail.com

3. All the shipments have a tracking code that you will receive once your order has been sent, through the email provided.

All orders are shipped in a rigid carton tube and all prints are wrapped in a cellophane envelope.

If it's a gift for someone else, be sure to write the address of the person you want to send it to in the sectio NOTES when your ordering.



Refunds will only be possible once it has been verified that the order has not reached its destination, through a claim that I personally will open at the post office. Also are only possible if you contact me during the first 4 weeks since it was shipped. If you didn't do it, the cost of the shipping won't be refunded.


The payment methods accepted in this store, are through paypal or credit card.
Both have fees for processing payments, which charge both, client and seller. In proportion to the amount paid, and corresponding to the value of your currency.

Thanks, A