Commission Artwork

Commission Artwork

200.00 - 221.00 / Sold Out / On Sale

*This price is only for May, after May will be 250€.
*This can be dispatched with prints. If you want to add a Coloring Book, a Tee or an Original Painting, you will need to place another order for that.

This is the special place for all of you who want a unique digital piece EXCLUSIVELY made for you. You already know my signature so I won’t create pieces out of my style.
*This is only for particulars, not companies. And is just for your home, office, business. Can’t be used for commercial purposes and can’t be reproduce. The copyright of the piece will always belong to the artist, Alicia Rihko.

Before placing your order make sure you have an idea in mind, for example;
" Alicia, I would love to see a couple (this could be sexual, erotic, just a couple being romantic, friends, you decide) on top of a NYC building while the rain is falling and there are some billboards with neon colors, while we see a full moon "
*The more specific you are, the closer I will be able to get to your idea and the sooner we will move forward.

The price includes a sketch and a revision with minor changes. Once it’s finished, a print will be sent for you and you will have it at your home quickly. The piece is printed with a Certificate Of Authenticity by ArtSure.

Please understand that once you place your order, the working time for this piece will be 7 to 9 days.

This will always be a unique piece in the world. In your home. Created with love by an artist who truly loves this craft, me.