8.40 - 45.50 / On Sale

IMPORTANT: Prints can’t be mixed in one order with Coloring Books or Tees.
If you want to add Prints with Tees or Coloring Books to your order, you will need to make two orders because Prints are dispatched from the studio in UK and the cost for shipping is different. This means there will be two shipments: Prints on one side and the rest on the other. If you don’t follow these steps the order will be cancelled and refunded.

Prices for Spain and Europe: 8.74€ (untracked)
Prices for UK: 7,16€ (tracked) Untracked Service is not available
Prices for USA and rest of the world: 16,32€ (tracked) Untrucked service is not available.

Please know that all prints are printed with out any censorship, like original artworks.

At checkout / In order sumary let me know in NOTES the names of the prints you want along with the size/s.
You will find the name of each print in my Instagram account: @alicia.rihko

PLEASE make sure to make no errors. Once you submitted the Prints you want they will be sent in the next 24 for printing and there would be no chance to make any changes by then.

Also check: https://www.aliciarihko.com/delivery-times
Thank you!